Dandelion Jobs: Who We Are

We are a professional teacher recruitment company

Dandelion Jobs is a recruitment company for foreign teachers who want to work in China. We help overseas graduates from around the world find suitable employment, internships and au-pair opportunities in China. We also support local companies and educational institutions to recruit exceptional talent. Through our work with overseas universities and local employers, we aim to build positive international relationships.

We run summer and winter holiday camps for local Chinese students. We also periodically coordinate job fairs for foreigners seeking employment in China and provide a communication platform for them as their job hunt. Since its establishment in 2016, Dandelion Beijing has established long-term relationships with kindergartens, training institutions, primary schools, middle schools and international schools within China. We specialize in providing foreign language, physical education, science, mathematics and art teachers. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both employees and employers. If you are interested in developing your career in China, we encourage you to get in contact with us. We are focused on treating each customer uniquely to provide the optimal service for them.

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Our Values

Our clients and candidates are our primary concern

our clients and candidates are why we exist. Everything we do is to help our clients find transcendent talent and our candidates realize their career aspirations. We are only successful when they are.

We strive to exceed – not just meet – expectations

Merely satisfied is not sufficient. Our goal with every interaction is to have people receive what they may not have expected. Doing this requires putting our clients’ and candidates’ interests ahead of our own and truly understanding their ultimate objectives.

Discretion and integrity are required at all times

Ethics, integrity, and trust are given at  Dandelionjobs. Without these traits, we cannot succeed. Confidentiality is a foundation for recruiting and hiring, and we respect that in everything we do

We are professional in every situation

We are a professional organization engaged in recruiting and placing executive talent. We exude professionalism in every aspect of our organization, from how we answer the phone to our follow-up communications long after the placement.

We value diversity

The real value of diversity is the positive impact it has on shaping a dynamic and highly collaborative environment. With so many skilled recruiters from so many varied backgrounds, we are able to provide our clients and candidates with a rich and intelligent consultative approach.

We continue to learn and develop

We hire and mold the very best in the industry. Our careful cultivation and rigorous training give our associates a unique, competitive edge in the recruiting marketplace. No one is too old to learn. Everyone is expected to do so.

Clients & Testimonials


AP Physics Teacher in High school

I recommend Louis as an agent or recruiter to those job seekers. His competence to place candidates as perfect fit being looked for by the client school did not happen to me by chance since he made it successful too to my new close friend in school who happens to be his recruit too. I feel grateful for you Louis, wish you more life successes and looking forward to meeting you in person in your next visit to my school.


Psychology Teacher in high school

Several months later I am in Beijing, teaching psychology in the school Louis connected me with. Even more so, couple of months after my arrival, he came to visit me in person, specifically inquiring about my work and living conditions and offering help in case I needed it. Louis is an excellent recruiter who deeply cares about the people he works with. Even more so, he is a good judge of characters as my new best friend at the new school is also his recruitment 🙂


English teacher in primary school in China

I work in two primary schools and I am having an amazing experience. All the English teachers had made an effort to chat with me, which makes going to work much more exciting. Also, each week I have a new English teacher to have lunch with. The students are all very nice, and enjoy practicing their English with me

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